Niobrara Timber and Woodworks

     Niobrara Timber and Woodworks is a family owned and operated timber frame company.  We are located close to the scenic Niobrara river valley in north central Nebraska. 

     The Niobrara river valley is a gem of Nebraska.  It is an inspiration for a lot of our work, and most of our timber comes from the valley.  

     We not only build timber framed structures, but also the furniture to go in them.  Some of our pieces of furniture are quite refined, some are quite rustic.  All display a level of craftsmanship that is just not seen in the modern industrial world.  

    Our goal at Niobrara Timber and Woodworks is to put our local resources to work by making you, our customer, the best quality product that we can.  

     We use traditional, time honored wood to wood joinery in our timber framed structures.  The same holds true for both the rustic furniture or the more refined furniture.  In each case, we intend to build something that will last for several generations, and that the owners will be proud of.