Niobrara Timber and Woodworks
We mill lumber full dimension unless specified different.  So when you buy a rough cut 2x4 from us it will actually measure 2"x4" unlike the 1 1/2" x3 1/2" you will get from the lumber yard. 

We deal mostly in Eastern Red Cedar as that is what we have available.  We also mill quite a bit Ponderosa Pine which makes nice framing lumber.  We also have access to American Elm, Burr Oak an occasional Maple or Walnut and of course Cottonwood. 

We have recently added a kiln to our operation.

We also have a nice 24" planer so planer
services are available.  

 We can also custom cut your logs.

 We produce cedar lap siding as well as cedar shingles.
 We also mill large beams for Timber Framed buildings or cabins.  We can mill up to 32' in length.  We can also mill D logs for cabins.